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QSL & Contact Info

QSL-Info & Policy:

(english text below)

  • HB9CA ist ein Contest-Call, wir machen keine Skeds und sammeln keine QSLs. Sparen Sie das Porto für die die QSL zu uns. Sparen Sie auch die QSL
  • Logcheck: Wenige Tage nach einem Contest ist das Log im LoTW und im Clublog (
  • Bürokarten: über OQRS im Clublog bestellen (
  • QSLs, die über das Büro zu uns gelangen, werden selbstverständlich beantwortet. Dieser Weg dauert aber länger
  • eQSL benutzen wir nicht
  • Direkt-QSL über unseren QSL-Manager HB9FMU. Kosten für Direkt-QSL mit priority mail: EU: 2 USD, DX: 3 USD (bitte nach Möglichkeit keine IRCs, sind kaum mehr einzulösen)


English version:

  • HB9CA is a contest call. We don't arrange skeds and we don't collect QSL card. Save the postage for sending a card to us. Even save your QSL card
  • Logcheck: within a few days after a contest our log is uploaded to LoTW and Clublog (
  • QSL via buro: request your card thru the OQRS functionality in Clublog:
  • QSL card received via buro will be confirmed via buro. This takes longer
  • we don't use eQSL
  • direct QSL cards can be requested thru our QSL Manager HB9FMU. The cost for priority mail are EU: 2USD, DX: 3USD (please NO IRCs, it's very complicated to trade them in).


Our next QSL card may well look like this (picture taken on 25-Nov-2009 by HB9DDO)

Contesting activity at HB9CA started in ernest in 2008. All QSO from these activities can be found in LoTW as well as on Clublog. But don't expect to find any older contacts.

Check if you're in the log:




To contact the webmaster of this site via email, please do so via the following address:

email address for HB9DDO

Last updated: 09.12.2009 (HB9DDO)

Helvetia Contest Records

Records from previous Helvetia Contests are listed here.

Helvetia Contest

The Helvetia Contest is the other big event for the HB9CA team besides CQWW CW. We usually enter the Multi OP, CW+SSB category, with one primary goal in mind: cross the 1 Mio points line... Helvetia Results

Mission completed: 1'155'128 Points in 2015!

CQ WW DX Contest

Since 2008 HB9CA enters the CQ WW DX CW Contest in the Multi/2 Category. After a few years reaching 5th place in Europe, we're a few ranks down recently. We'll work on that. See results on the CQWW webpages.

HB9CA - The Movie

Watch the HB9CA contest team in action in a nice movie from HB9BGV.