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DX-Gruppe Letzi - HB9CA - Letzi DX Group

Eine Gruppe von 12 Amateurfunkern hat die DX-Gruppe Letzi im Jahre 1977 gegründet. Damals fanden wir eine alte Scheune an schöner Lage mit perfekter Aussicht und v.a. exzellenten DX-Bedingungen. Nach zwei Jahren Arbeit hatten wir unser Shack und die Antennenfarm.

(HB9BGV, edited by HB9DDO)

A group of 12 hams foundet the Letzi DX Group in 1977. We found an old barn at a nice place with a perfect view and outstanding DX-conditions. After two years of work, we had our shack and the antenna farm.

(HB9BGV, edited by HB9DDO)


HB9CA Antenna Farm

Main antenna mast           
40m/30m 4ele dualband yagi (Optibeam)
20m 6ele monoband yagi (Telrex)
17m/12m 4ele dualband yagi (Optibeam)
15m 5ele monoband yagi (HyGain)
10m 5ele monoband yagi (HyGain)
6m 7ele monoband yagi (M2)
160m fullsize dipol (homemade)
80m wire pyramid (homemade)
    20m - 6m    2ele SteppIR
Winter antennas (Nov. - Feb.)
80m vertical (homemade)
RX 8 beverages (homemade)
RX K9AY-loop (Array Solutions)
2m 2x20ele monband yagi (homemade)   
70cm 38ele monoband yagi (M2)

Helvetia Contest Records

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Helvetia Contest

The Helvetia Contest is the other big event for the HB9CA team besides CQWW CW. We usually enter the Multi OP, CW+SSB category, with one primary goal in mind: cross the 1 Mio points line... Helvetia Results

Mission completed: 1'155'128 Points in 2015!

CQ WW DX Contest

Since 2008 HB9CA enters the CQ WW DX CW Contest in the Multi/2 Category. After a few years reaching 5th place in Europe, we're a few ranks down recently. We'll work on that. See results on the CQWW webpages.

HB9CA - The Movie

Watch the HB9CA contest team in action in a nice movie from HB9BGV.